What do I get with an in-app purchase?

We wanted to create a great experience with Stringer right from the start, but we realize that not everyone needs all the bells and whistles we wanted to add. As such, the app is free to download and use in its basic form for as long as you wish. You're able to shuffle your entire collection and add songs on the fly, forever.

If you want to really experience the flexibility Stringer has to offer, you can unlock additional functionality through either individual small purchases of the items you're interested in, or a single purchase which will unlock the full app. You can do this at any time from the app by tapping on an item with a lock. This will bring up a purchase screen where you can make your selections.

Features available through in-app purchase:

  • Access related music: You can always see other songs on the album you're currently listening to, but related music allows you to quickly toss in songs from other albums by that artist as well.
  • Save custom Strings: Spent all day curating the perfect String? Save it and load it up again whenever you want.
  • Import iTunes playlists: If you're anything like us, you've spent a long time building playlists in iTunes already. This feature allows you to pull those playlists in and create Strings right from them.
  • Mark items as favorites: At any time, you can long press on a currently playing item in your String to mark as a favorite. We'll automatically create a String for you based on these choices that you can load up quickly.

We think this extra stuff really makes the app come alive. We hope you'll agree!


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