The Harmless Hearing Hiccup

Stringer sets a listening queue of music from your collection that it shuffles for you. As you make changes to that queue, it needs to send a signal back to the Music app to tell it to add or delete something in the background. We hide this operation almost completely to the user so that you have no idea when it’s happening. 
There’s one unique instance in which you might notice it, and here’s how it works. If you enter Edit Mode (swipe the String to add a song, let’s say), add a song, swipe back to the main view and quickly exit the app to your home screen, you might hear a tiny bit of silence as the app sends that communication to the Music app. I mean, we’re talking less time than it takes an innocuous mention of personal opinion on the internet to be argued against, but you might notice it if you do all those things in that order.
Occasionally... it doesn't start right back up again. We've seen it, we're disappointed, and we're working on stomping it. If–IF–you run afoul of this one, you can just tap to play from the lock screen or Control Center. We're pretty sure this is related to iTunes Match and the way all this stuff interacts with one another, and we're trying to make it seamless.
We’re calling it out so that you don’t think your phone did anything weird. And also because if we’re going to have a future in this relationship, we need to be open and honest, and oh by the way, it’s your turn to do the dishes because we totally did them last week. No, we’re not being passive aggressive. It’s just your turn.


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