The Suspicious Shuffle Syndrome

Since Stringer uses the native music playback controls, it relies on the Music app serving it songs to play. Using the built-in functions means we can spend our time making other cool things happen instead of building our own playback engine.
However, we’ve occasionally noticed a weird thing that happens to Stringer as a result: sometimes if “shuffle” gets turned on in the Music app, it can cause Stringer to behave in bizarre ways (song titles not matching up, album art incorrect, things like that). If you see something like this, you can usually fix it by confirming that shuffle is off in the Music app and restarting Stringer (double-tap home, swipe to the top). 
We’ve written code to handle this, but for some reason we still see this happen. We’re hoping that it gets fixed in a future OS update. In the meantime, we will continue to quietly sob over here in this corner, as we ponder all of our other inadequacies as human beings.


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