Updated 01-09-2015

1.0.3   01-09-2015

We’ve got two pieces of moderately to excitingly good news to share. Depends on how crazy you like to get.

The good news is we’ve fixed the top crashes and knocked out a few pesky bugs.

Did you have a lot of missing artwork that appeared everywhere else but in Stringer? Did you have songs randomly starting in the middle after using Control Center to scrub? Did the non-Retina next artist graphic, only visible when adding songs to your String and scrolling the track list past its end, drive you absolutely INSANE? Did you agonize over whether Bilbo would make it back to the safety of his hobbit hole? Well, we still think three movies was a little excessive, but whatever. Fixed.

Now brace yourself, it’s time for the good news…

We know you love bug fixes, but thought you’d like a new feature as well. It is extraordinary. It is revolutionary. Maybe. It is life changing! Not really. When adding songs to your String, you can now simply tap a track to add the song. Amazing! (Drag n’ drop still works, too.) It has never been easier to quickly add a bunch of songs while bobbing around on the treadmill, working off Aunt Gertie’s pecan pie. While this small addition probably won’t tilt the world’s axis enough to make a real difference in the way we all live our lives, a lot of folks asked for it, and we were able to do it without burning the whole thing down.

And we’re still listening. Send in your feedback to help us make Stringer even better. We want you to be happy.


  • Tap-to-add tracks when editing your String


  • Fixed multiple crashes related to color space conversions of album artwork
  • Fixed crash related to competing action sheets and modals
  • Fixed artwork sizing bug that caused some artwork to not display
  • Fixed songs starting in the middle after previously using Command Center to scrub through the track
  • Fixed minor visual defects and replaced a few non-Retina graphics


1.0.2   11-24-2014

Turns out… there may have been a few cases where Stringer was super crash happy. Those reports came flooding in, and from that we were able to pin down a few bugs that were causing the vast majority of crashes.

If you are rocking a tried-and-true 4S, 5, 5c, or any of the other supported 32-bit devices, and had some missing artwork, you probably had a pretty terrible experience. If that is the case, you should definitely give this version a go. It may even be what the industry refers to as “useable.”

We took care of a handful of other crash scenarios, too, most of which can be filed under “Wow, we let the interface do WHAT?!?!”

All-in-all, Stringer is now a lot more stable, across-the-board. Take another shot at rediscovering your music collection! And if you have a moment and want to give us a hand, please leave us a quick review in the App Store, even if it’s just stars. No need to write a novel. Every little bit helps, and we love you for it.

We’re gonna continue listening to your feedback and do our best to make Stringer your favorite music experience on iOS!


  • Fixed "no artwork" related crash on 32-bit devices
  • Fixed crash related to multiple requests to show the same alert view
  • Fixed crash related to user interactions when the music library is empty
  • "No artwork" tile is more consistent when adding songs to a String
  • Disabled repeat mode of the media player, making playback more consistent


1.0.1   11-20-2014

We heard your worldly cries for availability outside of English-speaking markets, but first we needed to fix a nasty international currency display bug. We know you'd have understood, but wanted to make sure everything was on the up-and-up.

The 'Rate the App' link now directs you to the correct app page where you can rate Stringer. Novel concept, we know.


  • International availability (non-English markets)


  • Currency indicator now reflects accurately for all regions
  • "Rate the App" link fixed and now points to App Store correctly


1.0   11-20-2014

Initial release


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